Keep it Clean

Keep it Clean

The lake and your vehicle

You wouldn’t dump gasoline or oil into Lake Superior, would you? Did you know when you wash your vehicle at home, water run off heads into the Lake?

Many people believe that washing your vehicle at home in your very own driveway is better for the environment, but it’s actually one of the most environmentally unfriendly things we can do around the house.

When you rinse off your car, what runs off your car, sweeps down the driveway picking up debris along the way— soapy suds, oil, gasoline, residue from exhaust fumes, along with all the rubble and chemicals that the pavement collects. This gets washed into the storm drains, which then travels directly into our lakes and rivers (and eventually Lake Superior). IT can also leak into your lawn, which can lead to underground leakage— polluting water tables and causing great harm to soil and organisms.

Although many think that water run-off is treated, EcoSuperior tells us that most storm drains, DO NOT connect to the sewage treatment plant.

Leave the washing to us.
You can always feel good about having your vehicle washed at Central Car Wash.

Other ways you can help keep the lake clean from EcoSuperior:

  • Plant more native trees & shrubs
  • Try to add more permeable surface in your yard to soak up the water
  • Pick up pet waste regularly
  • Choose a commercial car wash over washing in your driveway
  • Maintain your vehicle and fix leaks promptly
  • Avoid using salt or chemical ice-melters
  • Use only organic fertilizers on your lawn & gardens, and apply in dry weather
  • Store fuels & hazardous chemicals with care, and take to the hazardous waste depot for safe disposal.

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Central Car Wash uses 70% less water than washing your car at home.

Choosing an eco-friendly, commercial car wash is one of the most significant impacts you can personally have on the environment. When you choose Central Car Wash, you can feel at ease knowing you are helping to protect our planet.

By using Central Car Wash, wastewater gets treated, computer controlled systems minimize water usage and rinse water is recycled and reused. Central Car Wash is able to collect and dispose of pollutants from your vehicle, ensuring it doesn’t end up in our rivers and Lake Superior.