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Winter Washing Tips



Now that the cold and snowy season is fully upon us it is a good idea to try and follow some basic helpful hints to make your experience at Central Car Wash more enjoyable during the winter months.


  1. Try to prepare your car for the wash ahead of time by removing winter clothes and other clutter and please take valuables and anything that may be mistaken for garbage out as well.
  2. If you decide to get our Ultimate Wash or have a mat wash added to another of our packages please be aware that you should take your mats out when you get home to ensure they don’t freeze or stay wet and cause a mildewy odour.  We do our best to dry the mats but in order to provide a quality wash in a short amount of time we can not guarantee that they will not be a little wet after.
  3. Try to get your car as warm as possible before entering the wash by turning your heat up and letting your car run beforehand. This not only helps get the ice off but will help to ensure that no cracks in your windows or paint expand when they make contact with the warm water after being outside in the cold.
  4. Keep as much snow off of your vehicle as you can to avoid ice build up. It is also good to note that most light scratches on vehicles come from using a snow brush to remove snow from you body panels so try to use something less abrasive in order to save your paint.
  5. We do our best to ensure your doors won’t freeze after a wash but when it is especially cold we cannot guarantee that this will not happen. To avoid having your doors freeze up we suggest letting your car run for a few minutes after you leave the wash with the heat as high as possible. Once you park your car open and close all of your doors a couple of times and this should stop them from freezing up.
  6. With the condensation inside the Car Wash you may find that the inside of your windows might frost up after a wash on particularly cold days. To stop this from happening roll down your front driver’s side window and the back window on the passenger side to allow the moist air to escape instead of being trapped inside your car while again allowing your car to run with the heat on.


If you follow these simple tips you will be able to enjoy the luxuries of having a clean, salt-free car and not have to worry about it freezing. Have a nice winter and we hope to see you here again very soon.

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