Central Car Wash and Detail Centre

Vehicle Restrictions

Although we would love to wash every vehicle, unfortunately there are some restrictions:

  • Vehicle height over 7’7”

  • Vehicle width over 87” from outside driver tire to outside passenger tire

  • Trucks with dual rear wheels (Dually)

  • Vehicle tire width larger than 13.5”

  • Vehicles with ground clearance lower than 5”

  • Vehicles with roof racks (may be accepted upon inspection)

  • Trucks with portable fuel tanks


Due to the wide variety, condition and age of vehicles, Central Car Wash is NOT RESPONSILBLE for ANY damages including but not limited to;

  • Loose trim and mouldings

  • Cracked or damaged mirrors

  • Bug shields

  • Sun visors

  • Tonneau covers

  • All aftermarket accessories (including window tint)

  • Cargo containers

  • Bike and Wheelchair racks

  • Parts which are loose, worn, corroded, or previously damaged

  • Antennas that are not removed or retracted

  • Previously chipped or cracked paint

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