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At Central Car Wash we care about your vehicles appearance! Our Detail Center has staff dedicated to not simply cleaning your car but restoring your vehicles original appearance. We offer services starting with the basic hand wash all the way to interior and exterior finish restoration.

We look forward to the opportunity to revitalize your vehicle.

Come in today and receive a free no obligation quote to treat your vehicle to a day at the Spa!



Our Service Menu

All pricing is for basic services and to be used as a guide we will provide a detailed estimate based on each individual vehicle.



Complete Detail                                        Starting at $336.50

  • Clay, Buff, and Wax (Restores and protects paint)
  • Professional Power Finishing (Brings back new car shine)
  • Full Vacuuming with Dusting of All Vents
  • Clean and Protect All Hard Plastic and Vinyl
  • Shampoo All Carpets/Seats/Headliner
  • Vitalizing Tire Shine and Protection
  • Includes Ultimate Wash

(6-8 hours)


Full Exterior (Clay, Buff, Wax)                    Starting at $146.50

  • Removes Residue from Clear Coat Surface
  • Professional Power Finishing
  • Vitalizing Tire Shine and Protection
  • Includes Exterior Wash

(1.5-3 hours)




Full Interior                                                 Starting at $190.00

  • Thorough Vacuum with Dusting of All Vents
  • Thoroughly Clean and Protect All Hard Plastic & Vinyl
  • Shampoo All Carpets/Seats/Headliner
  • Clean and Condition Leather
  • Vitalizing Tire Shine and Protection
  • Shampoo Trunk Area
  • Window Cleaning
  • Includes Ultimate Wash

(4-6 hours)



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Specialty Services


Snowmachine hand wash starting at $48.25


Add ons starting at $23.75.....

Salt eliminator

Plastic vitalizer

Fast wax

Engine shampoo


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Headlight Restoration 





Hand Wash (inside and out) Starting at $72.50
Upholstery Shampoo Starting at $72.50
Carpet Shampoo Starting at $72.50
Headlight Restoration Starting at $108.75
Engine Shampoo Starting at $60.50
Rim Detailing Starting at $12.00/rim
Vinyl Clean Starting at $54.50
Headliner Starting at $30.25
Spot Removal Starting at $23.75
Decal Removal Starting at $23.75
Odour Eliminator Starting at $36.25
Pet Hair/Sap/Tar Removal Starting at $80/hour
Scotch Guard Starting at $48.25
Salt Eliminator Starting at $48.25
Pickup Boxes Starting at $29.50
5th Wheel Wax Starting at $391.00


Specialty Washes

Trailers Starting at $133.00
Boats Starting at $120.75
ATV/UTV Starting at $48.25
Snowmachines Starting at $48.25
Motorcycles Starting at $48.25

 (Leather Treatment available)





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