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Car Wash





SUPREME WASH                                          $35.50

Includes All packages plus

  • Interior wipe of front cup holders and centre console
  • Interior wipe of front door panels and kickplates
  • RAIN-X
  • Black Magic Tire Dressing
  • Additional Floor Mats washed – 8 in total
  • New Fragrance Wafer


ULTIMATE WASH                                         $28.50

Includes Special Wash package plus

  • Crystal Polymer Sealants & UV Protection
  • Machine Wash Floor Mat(s) 4
  • Poly Shell Triple Shine
  • Foamy Bleach Wheel Brite & Rim Cleaner
  • Rims and Tires Scrubbed (includes Running Boards)
  • Rims Wiped
  • Door/Hatch Jams Rinsed/Dried and Wiped


SPECIAL WASH                                             $24.00

Includes Exterior Only package plus

  • Pre Wash
  • Interior Vacuum (floor, seats, hatch)
  • Underbody Rinse and Rust Inhibitor
  • Ash Tray and Cup Holders Emptied
  • Interior Window Clean
  • Steering Column, Gauge Package, and Dashboard Wiped
  • Fragrance Spray


EXTERIOR ONLY                                           $15.00

  • Enviro Soft Foam Wash
  • Hand Towel Dry






Floor Mat Machine Wash

  • Rubber Mats (up to 4)                                                                       $5
  • Carpeted Mats (up to 4)                                                                   $6


Under Body Rinse & Rust Inhibitor

  • Exterior Only                                                                                     $5


Rain-X Treatment                                                      

  • Application of Rain-X on entire surface of vehicle
  • shines, repels and protects your vehicle                                          $6                               


Polyshell Triple Shine                                              

  • Blue removes road grime
  • Red guards against harmful UV rays
  • Gold leaves protective shine                                                             $5


Wheel Brite/Tire Dressing                            

Tire & Rim Cleaner

  • Lifts brake dust, grease and road grime
  • Towel dry rims and tires
  • Get that show room shine                                                                 $6
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